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Creative Collaborators

A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof are lifelong artists, writers and creative thinkers with decades of experience, individually and combined, creating everything from epic original artworks, corporate brands, and product designs. Consummate dreamers and visionaries, they have developed and implemented the processes outlined in their forthcoming book, DREAM TO LAUNCH, on countless successful projects.

A.D. Cook & Beti Kristof with Dream to Launch Book 2017
“The how-to guy” A.D. Cook and artist/author Beti Kristof

Mission Statement

We’re passionate about inspiring and helping others take their dreams to launch.

Welcome, and thank you for joining us. Our DREAM TO LAUNCH project is a manifestation of a lifetime of creativity and innovative problem solving on a professional level. Together we have put a lot of thought and energy into writing and designing what we believe is the best book covering overall concepts from creating a product and getting it out to the market.

We spent countless hours writing about how to answer best the many questions we get asked while we are helping clients with their projects. Some questions we address in the book are; How do I trust my creativity? Are my ideas worth doing? What does it really take to get a project off the ground? Do I need a website? How long will it take to be on the front page of Google? How do I do social media for business? Will you do it for me? How do I Blog? A lot of questions about how to do internet stuff and social media, which is all a bit mind-boggling for many, but fear not, we de-boggle a lot of it in our book.

In the spirit of keeping our book simple, we also allowed creativity to lead the path in sequencing the chapters. We have included lessons that are helpful, memorable, simple and fun; We designed each lesson so that through play and interaction, you will learn a few things that will take you on a journey – outside the box.

Creativity is a notion that needs nurturing. The non-physical aspects of creativity manifest into physical results. The ability to see the end results, or the big picture, is helpful in understanding the sequencing of tasks and steps that make for manageable accomplishments. Fun right?

The activities are important. We invite you to participate, however, no one is standing over you to hold you accountable. Unless of course, you would like to be a part of a mastermind with us. Your commitment until then is your honor system, but we guarantee that after reading the book and engaging in the written exercises you will learn a thing or two and have an easier time understanding what you need to do to get your project underway. And, keep in mind, we are always just a phone consultation away.

When you get right down to it, many of the greatest ideas ever conceived started out as a simple sketch on the proverbial cocktail napkin. We know a few of ours have. So, where do we go from here?

Helping you succeed in getting your big dream from that napkin, off the ground and launched – out of your head into the world is what we do best! And we love it.

While we, the authors and co-creators of this program, are honored to share our artworks with you throughout this site and within the pages of our book, but this is not an art book. By virtue of having created hundreds of images literally throughout a lifetime, we just happen to have access to a plethora of original image content.

Over our lifetimes as artists, designers, and visionaries we’ve engaged in dream building and image creation. Separately, we’ve created brands and logos, painted murals and portraits, created dynamic sculptures, designed software, consulted in prototype development, and helped pave the information highway. Together, we’ve created beautiful coffee table books, painted large murals and artworks, wrote a screenplay, and several books, as well as what you are reading here, along with its supporting workbook, website, and online video courses. Our book, DREAM TO LAUNCH, started as a dream, and idea shared by the two of us and born of a passion for the project, dedicated to the outcome, and experience that we love to share with you.

• • • • •

Both creators of this book are lifelong doers. We grew up believing, and still believe that anything is possible if we simply apply ourselves. We, the authors, and our mastermind group embody the necessary skills to complete this project and share its processes with you. So, together we dreamed, brainstormed, talked, decided, wrote, rewrote, designed, redesigned, and completed what you see here, DREAM TO LAUNCH.

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“Dream to Launch has inspired me to take an idea and make it happen. This book has given me the tools and knowledge on how to take my dream from notes on a napkin all of the way through a comprehensive marketing plan. I plan to use the techniques from this book in all aspects of my life.”

Jeannie Flynn, President, CMS Commerical Furniture

“How often have you been the one to come up with an idea only to see it diminish because you didn’t have the knowledge or experience of knowing what to do with it? Even worse, you didn’t have the team of experts around you to help you mastermind the idea into a thriving, growing business. In Dream to Launch, A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof provide you with the groundwork for taking your dream, from the idea stage, to launch, sending it out for public consumption.

These two very accomplished and creative professionals will take you on a journey that will provide you with the basic tools you will need to get your idea out of your head and into the mainstream where it will be shared with those who await your gift. Don’t allow a lack of understanding or knowledge stop you from pursuing your dream. Put A.D. and Beti on your team with Dream to Launch!
This dynamic duo’s experience, know-how, and creative thinking will guide you toward winning in any venture you dream to launch. In their comprehensive book, Dream to Launch, A.D. and Beti prescribe the right combination of elements, concepts, and strategies for creating success. Dream to Launch is one comprehensive read that every entrepreneur should have on his or her shelf.
Dream to Launch and Win with Team Cook and Kristof!”

Joe Frazzette, Author of Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula and the Master Or Servant series


As ARTISTS, we’ve created countless original paintings and large-scale murals, original artworks for gallery walls, beautiful homes, and commercial properties alike. Together and separately, we’ve won awards and our art has graced the covers of numerous magazines and books. Art has afforded us a great life of creativity, travel, and adventure. Through charity efforts, our art continues to benefit others in need and support healing through creativity. Our paintings have shown in stunning art galleries coast-to-coast, ArtExpo New York, luxury events, and other venues.

As AUTHORS and WRITERS, we’ve created stories and books that have taught artists how to create art, think creatively, and be inspired. We’ve written hundreds of Blog posts and dozens of magazine articles, along with the great advertising and marketing copy. Recently, we completed writing and registering our first screenplay.

As DESIGNERS, we’ve worked with clients and companies to visually fulfill their dreams and take their products to launch. We’ve designed award winning brands and logos, books, posters, packaging, point-of-purchase, dynamic websites, powerful prospectuses and marketing plans.

As ART DIRECTORS, we’ve overseen creative development of countless projects with long-standing experience in both traditional and digital media. Creative art direction requires a diverse skill set, knowledge and the implementation of a wide variety of processes. As creative directors, we use a lifetime of skills to understand and facilitate our client’s needs in sharing their message and products with the world. It requires creativity and organizational skills and a broad overview of the big picture, right down to the smallest details.

As TEACHERS, we’ve taught college level design, instructed art processes at workshops, seminars and getaways, for all sorts of creative media, including airbrush, drawing, oil painting, canvas prep, and creative thinking.

As VIDEO CREATORS, we’ve produced lesson videos for entrepreneurs, professional speakers, authors and life coaches. We are continually expanding our knowledge and creativity in this diverse and exciting medium.

As CO-CREATORS, we’ve collaborated with entrepreneurs including renowned photographers and world class artists and illustrators, authors, speakers, life coaches, performers, politicians, restaurateurs, software companies, bands and talented musicians. Throughout our careers, we’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with amazing talent and great clients in our creative energy exchanges. Our mastermind sessions with dynamic visionaries and creative thinkers have resulted through our participation in remarkable product launches. We have co-created with numerous individuals who have created companies, some that have later become nationally known and publicly traded.

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Meet Our Team

> A.D. Cook

Artist and designer, A.D. has worked on countless creative projects in the software, entertainment, the internet and automotive industries in the development of ideas, creating products and taking them to market, from concept-to-completion.



> Beti Kristof

Beti’s creative journey started in her youth as she learned the power of art and its great ability in telling stories. Her heart and soul are revealed through her celebration of paintings and mixed-media creations.

The Divine Purpose Guy, Bill Heinrish


> Masters + Mentors

The Divine Purpose GuyBill Heinrich shares his insight and wisdom with you here. Join him and other fantastic masters of industry and mentors of creation and manifestation with you.

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